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The Ties That Bind Chat is a "VP Chat System that is absolutely FREE", to join! It's made for the VPlaces and other compatible chat clients. It's an 2D Avatar Community type chat, That uses webpages as a backdrop or a "room".

Make Yourself at home in one of our many "Community Rooms", or you can add your own room to our chat, enjoy time with your friends, without having to worry about being harassed or drama, Each room Owner is provided with room tools.

Chat Bux Is Here!
The Ties That Bind Chat has it's own monetary system in place, Chat Bux! Of course it has no value and is not real money, we dont sell it or intend to profit from it in any way. You can transfer or pay other chatters easily for services and goods. Just log into Your "Checkbook", check Your account balance or transfer bux to any TTB Member! its that easy!

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